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  1. All bracelets are listed with their size. Please make sure your measure your wrist to avoid disappointment. For bracelets with clasps, average standard size is 15 cm, excluding the extension chain, which is between 3 cm to 5 cm. Cord bracelets can be resized with the sliding knot, and chain bracelets with a clasp, with the extension chain.

  2. Feel free to contact me should you need a different size from the one listed, excluding the extension chain. I will be happy to custom make the bracelet based on your wrist size.

  3. Please measure your wrist size tightly where you intend to wear the bracelet. Be aware that your right and your left wrist might not be the same size.

  4. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR WRIST -> Use a piece of thread to measure the size of your wrist then use a ruler to measure the piece of thread.

  5. Every piece of jewelry with a clasp has an extension chain to help you adjust the size.

  6. Please be aware of the extension chain or the pending cords for the sliding knot bracelets in your daily routine and make sure you do not have them stuck somewhere as pulling it hard might break the bracelet.

  7. Wrist Size Guide

    • XS - 14.5 cm

    • S - 15.2 cm

    • M - 16 cm

    • L - 17.5 cm

    • XL - 18.5 cm

    • XXL - 19.5 cm

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