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Here or elsewhere, when the dream comes true!

Training yourself is possible!

In the fascinating world of jewelry, each piece tells a unique story. Today, I'm going to share mine with you, the story of a jewelry designer determined to make her passion her profession.

From abroad to the workshop!

I'm Stephanie, a French jewelry designer for the Zoe Trop Belle brand.

My journey began by leaving France more than 25 years ago to explore the world, enrich myself with new cultures, find inspiration to express my creativity and live fully from my passion.

My journey took me from England to the Netherlands, via the United States, with varied professional experiences, before devoting myself fully to jewelry creation.

Becoming a jewelry designer is not a smooth ride!

Without formal training, I take the path of self-taught learning to master the techniques necessary for creating jewelry. My journey as a jewelry designer came to fruition when I arrived in the United States. Some will say that I achieved the American Dream!

This new beginning in the United States was an invaluable source of inspiration. Living in a new environment, discovering a new culture, and meeting people from all backgrounds were key elements that shaped my vision of jewelry creation and the desire to share my creativity "Made in France"!

I must admit that the Americans helped me boost this self-confidence which is often polluted by the famous imposter syndrome, especially when you went through French education!

Thanks to the American spirit and their positive attitude, Zoe Trop Belle will experience great success!

My journey has not been linear, with challenges, including breast cancer, followed by my return to Europe, and to the Netherlands. The culture shock was a new stage to overcome. I also encountered obstacles as an expatriate, but I overcame these challenges and adapted my strategy to flourish in what I had chosen as my new professional activity.

Well established, it was then that I came back, during the pandemic, with new challenges! I'm not giving up... so I'm creating my own small business in the Netherlands!

With a touch of perseverance, a hint of curiosity, and a pinch of motivation, and your dream comes true!

My story is a reminder that creativity has no limits, that artistic expression is accessible to everyone, provided they are determined and ready to learn, and that passion and will can transform dreams into reality.

I encourage you to follow your passion, whatever it may be, without ever being ashamed of self-taught learning, but rather to be proud of it.

Be resilient, persevere, and, above all, believe in yourself. Seize this opportunity for growth and fulfillment.

Life is too short to let others discourage you, so get out of there, learn, and create!

See you soon for more stories!


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