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Zoë Trop Belle jewelry prides itself on quality, but as it is handmade and like any other jewelry, it is delicate.


Therefore, to extend the life of your pieces (and more specifically the ones that are made with a cord), I recommend the following:

  • Avoid wearing your jewelry during exercising, bathing, showering or swimming, or even going to bed.

  • Apply beauty products, lotions and perfumes before wearing your jewelry.

  • Polishing cloths can be used on silver, or gold plated areas. Mildly rub the tarnished area to revive the shine. Only polish lightly on any plated areas to ensure not to wear away the plating.

  • Store your pieces in the pouch or the box provided to you, as silver will naturally begin to tarnish in sunlight and air.

  • Do not store your pieces in humid conditions, such as in a bathroom.

  • And last, but not least, enjoy your beautiful jewelry!

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