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Having been formed from a childhood dream,

in 2014, while still living in the United States with her husband and 2 children, Stephanie created her own jewelry brand Zoe Trop Belle. After several years in the Supply Chain industry, she realizes that this world no longer corresponds to her aspirations, and then decides to take the plunge and devote herself fully to her passion.


Today, she imagines, designs and creates

her Collections in her workshop, located

near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Influenced by her life experiences abroad

and her French origins, Stéphanie can offer you today quality piece of jewellery, dainty, elegant and feminine pieces all at once.


"What matters to me is to make jewelry that embraces the beauty and natural elegance of women, create pieces that accompanies them in their daily lives with ease, pieces that they can wear in every circumstance and

based on what they want.

Jewellery is more than a simple fashion accessory, it is above all the expression of our personality

and our own style."

Zoë Trop Belle jewellery box, displaying necklaces, bracelets and earrings, handmade jewellery, bijoux fait-main, boite a bijoux de Zoë Trop Belle, marque de bijoux fait-main


Zoë Trop Belle comes from the nickname given to her daughter Zoë at birth, "Zoëtrobel".

Stéphanie imagines her Collections with a certain attention to every detail and designs each piece to give you a unique, even timeless piece, a piece of jewellery that you will wear without moderation

over the years.

From the first sketches to the final assembly,

each manufacturing step is treated

with care, combining the elegance of different

metals, materials, shapes, textures and colors.

Zoë Trop Belle offers you today the possibility

to choose the perfect piece of jewellery

 that suits you best across multiple Collections

that define the woman who is in you,

from Les Délicates, to Les Romantiques,

or still Les Elégantes, via Les Pétillantes

or of course Les Rêveuses,

without forgetting Les Séduisantes!

One Collection, One Woman!


Stéphanie selects all her materials with

the greatest care, both for their quality and for

their aesthetics, in order to constantly respond to

his personal expectations and to create jewelery of

high quality to earn your trust.

To make your jewelry,

Stéphanie carefully harmonizes the colors and materials she uses, incorporating different techniques, and combining the elegance of Gold-Filled,

0.925 silver, Gold-Plated or Rhodium-Plated,

with the beauty of mother-of-pearl,

glass beads, freshwater or natural stones,

assembled on cords or chains,

which will make each jewel a unique jewel,

a jewel that looks like you.

Today, the suppliers she works with come from all over the world, in order to obtain the best for Zoë Trop Belle. However, mindful of the impact that this

can have on the planet, Stephanie strives

to limit its purchases to European countries.

The materials used are guaranteed nickel-free.


Fresh water pearl gold plated necklace, collier perle d'eau douce en plaqué or, collier Zoë Trop Belle, Zoë Trop Belle necklace



Stéphanie fully integrates the beauty and elegance of every moment of life through her creativity, with the aim of offering every woman the opportunity to be naturally elegant and to enhance her natural beauty by wearing Zoë Trop Belle jewelry.


Stéphanie passionately dedicates all her self-taught know-how in her creations, ensuring that each material she uses blends perfectly together. Each new creation is worn and tested with

the aim of guaranteeing a quality jewel,

a jewel in tune with the times.


A portion of Zoë Trop Belle sales is donated monthly to ‘Projet Primates’ by sponsoring Léonie, a female chimpanzee from the Conservation Center for Chimpanzees in the Republic of Guinea.


Zoë Trop Belle donation allows Léonie to be treated properly, to receive love, have at least 2 meals a month and be rehabilitated for potential

release into the wild.

If you are yourself interested in donating to Projet Primates, please visit their website,

Thank you!

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