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  1. Packaging

    Zoë Trop Belle jewelry comes in a white cotton pouch, wrapped in a Zoë Trop Belle box. If you order more than one piece, you have the option to have all the pieces wrapped in one same box (individually placed in a pouch), or to have them each wrapped in a separate box. Please select the option accordingly when you place the order. If you select ‘Yes’ in the gift option and you buy more than one piece, then this item you have selected ‘Yes’ for will be wrapped individually. If you select ‘No’, then all your pieces, should you have more than 1 piece, will be wrapped in one same box.


  2. Commissions

    I enjoy creating commissions for my customers. So if there is a style in my shop that you like but want it to be in a different colour, size, or shape, then please do contact me. If you would like me to design something uniquely for you, then please do get in touch using the contact form below. Please note that prices will differ from the prices listed on my shop as I will make a completely new design for you.

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